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Frequently Asked Questions about our other programs.


Do you provide Primary Care?

No. We do not. We prefer that everyone we see has a regular primary provider, so that we may coordinate your care with them. This allows us to focus on those areas we are strongest, preventing and reversing health issues related to individual behavior. Dr. Cohen is both residency-trained and Board-Certified in the areas of Public Health and Preventive Medicine. He is also Board-Certified in Addiction Medicine. Although he has experience in both Internal Medicine and Psychiatry, he prefers to coordinate with your other providers in those areas.


How can groups be helped?

There are many ways that our practice can help groups. This includes both employers seeking to improve employee health and reduce health care costs, as well social, fraternal, or religious organizations wishing to bring healthy options to their members.


How can an employer be helped?

Employers often bear a large share of the burden of ever-escalating health care costs for their employees and their families. In addition to loss of productivity, illness of a single employee or an employee family-member can be a significant monetary loss to an employer. This is particularly true for those organization that self-insure. As an example, a single diabetic employee spouse who goes on to develop heart disease might cost the organization hundreds of thousands of dollars. An overweight employee requiring joint replacement might cost tens of thousands of dollars. An employer who is self-insured or rated on loss-experience can find these losses devastating.

Many major employers have tried to institute "Wellness Programs" to deal with this burden. Sadly, the truth is, many of these programs are ineffective. Although they may make people feel they are "doing something", they often do not bring about significant shifts in employee health. Some may even do more harm than good.

Dr. Cohen has both the training and experience working with such employer-based programs, and can help you focus on strategies that work. We can both consult on reducing cost while improving health of your workforce, as well as providing on-site programs, if desired.


What about non-employer organizations?

We offer free seminars for not-for-profit groups. These can help your members learn that there are ways they can succeed in battling some of todays prevalent chronic diseases. Special arrangements, including group discounts, can be arranged for groups of members wishing to enroll in our programs.


Do you see people for anything else?

Yes. We sometimes will see patients seeking our help for addictive behavior and related medical needs, whether related to smoking, alcohol, or drug misuse. These people are seen individually, we do not conduct groups for this. Depending upon the exact need, these patients may be referred to or treated jointly with other professionals or specialized facilities.


How can I find out more?

Please contact our office for further information. Our phone number is 785-783-7779. Outside Topeka, call Toll-Free at 1-888-933-9833, or Please Fill Out Our Contact Form

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